Saturday April 21, 2018
Start: 9:00 am
End: 2:00 pm

Spring clean up in Pisgah State Park will get underway on Saturday, April 21 at 9 a.m. at Horseshoe Road trailhead in Chesterfield. Join Friends of Pisgah volunteers to help remove debris from the trails, clear leaves from drainage ditches, cut away blowdowns, and generally spruce up some of the great 13,000-acre park that is the gem of southwestern New Hampshire.

So, take an aspirin for that hangover, put down the extra doughnut, and do something that shall benefit all who come this way to enjoy one of the Granite State's not-so-small wonders. Come join us Friends of Pisgah volunteers to improve the wild park we have come to love.

Bring a snack or a lunch, plenty of water, gloves, and hand tools. We'll provide tools aplenty, too.

Saturday May 12, 2018
Start: 9:30 am
End: 2:00 pm

Psst. Hey, I got a bridge I want a sell ya. Well, I want to sell you on a fun bridge-building endeavor on Saturday, May 12th, in Pisgah State Park down below the Kilburn Dam just off the Kilburn Loop Trail. We should have the sills and stringers in place before hand, so if you want to build a bridge in no time, come on down to the Kilburn Trailhead parking lot on Route 63 at 9:30, and join us.

We will be putting on decking and railings on a big 24-foot span some five feet above the Kilburn Pond outlet stream below the Kilburn Pond dam.

If we have plenty of folks, we'll also brush out a quarter mile of the new John Summers Trail up to the site of a second bridge and move materials (already in place nearby) to the second bridge site and put in the sills and stringers there. If folks are adventurous, we might even tack the deck on that second bridge, too.

The day before, on Friday, May 11th, at 9 a.m., a few volunteers are needed to come help with setting the sills for the Kilburn bridge and moving and screwing the stringers into place. So if you would like to be a part of the preliminary work that will make the Saturday work day possible, come on down to the Kilburn Trailhead at 9 a.m. and lend a hand.

Then, after the bridge is built, we'll sell it to you for a cool $10 million.

K.r. Nilsen