Past Events

Past Events are listed below.

Pisgah Trail Maintenance – 2011-04-08

Beach tree down

Wendy Jacobs, Gary Montgomery, Kathy Thatcher, John Herrick and John Hudachek gathered at the Kilburn Trailhead on a warm, sunny April morning for our monthly trail maintenance.  Given reports of trees down across the Kilburn Trail the crew headed down the west side of Kilburn Pond.

After removing trees across the trail down to the Kilburn dam we crossed the stream below the dam and bushwhacked east to the east leg of the Kilburn Trail.  We then proceeded north on the Kilburn Trail clearing numerous downed trees and limbs before returning to the Kilburn trailhead.

Kilburn Pond Tracks and Other SIgns of Wildlife - 2011-03-19

Beaver Bites - Small.jpg

Twenty-six (26) people met at the Kilburn Trail Head on Route 63 in Hinsdale at 10:00 am, Saturday, March 19, 2011 to look for critter tracks and other wildlife sign with Jeff Littleton, expert tracker and field ecologist from Moosewood Ecological. Twenty-four wore shoe shoes as the snow was soft off the beaten path.  Along the way, we observed browse sign from deer and snowshoe hare on red maple saplings, as well as feeding signs from pileated woodpeckers. We also discovered deer incisor scrapes on young hemlock saplings. We discussed the importance of hemlock as both a winter food source and critical habitat for wintering deer.

Pisgah Trail Maintenance – 2011-03-12

Mt. Monadnock from Little's Lookout 40.jpg

Only two workers showed up for the March 2011 Saturday morning trail maintenance.  Given reports of wind damage and trees down the two FOP Council members named John headed toward the Pisgah Ridge Trail with a chain saw, loppers and their lunch.

Numerous trees were found across the north leg of the Kilburn Trail and along the connector trail (yellow diamond markers) to the Pisgah Ridge Trail.  We experienced frequent "post holing" where a step outside the narrow packed snow shoe/ski trail would cause a foot and leg to plunge 1 to 2 feet into the soft snow.

Pisgah Trail Maintenance – 2011-02-12

Snow on Hemlock 1.jpg

Only two FOP Council members showed up on a beautiful February Saturday morning for trail maintenance.  Given the ample snow throughout the park the two John's decided to strap on their snowshoes and explore.

Friends of Pisgah Annual Picnic - Saturday, October 2, 2010

The Friends of Pisgah held its annual picnic, Saturday, October 2. It was a glorious fall day, beginning with a crispy nip in the air and mellowing to a warm, sunny afternoon. It was the perfect setting for the approximately 75 people who come out to meet old and new friends, sharing food and camaraderie. It is always such a pleasure to see our friends from year to year and catch up on the news. And the various dishes brought to share, from homemade pickles to pumpkin squares, were outstanding! My mouth waters to think of them.

The History of Pisgah State Park and Friends of Pisgah, Inc. – Story Circles

Special historical programs were held in August sponsored by Friends of Pisgah. The Park has been in the public’s eyes throughout the summer with the release of the informative yet controversial draft of the Pisgah Management Plan. With the heightened awareness, FOP felt that it was important to revisit the history of the Park and FOP’s inception. Four events have been held during the summer and fall with a total of up to 150 attendees. On Sunday August 1st, there was an Open House at the Visitor Center and Barn in Winchester.

Pisgah Trail Maintenance - 2010-05-15

Jon and Kathy Thatcher, Matt Edson and John Herrrick met at Winchester Road in Chesterfield at 9:30 on Saturday instead of at the Dort property. Matt came and got John at the Dort property while he was mowing the lawn there. So John put his trail clearing gear into Matt’s truck and joined the Thatcher's at Winchester Road.  We found a big maple tree across the road just above McKim’s house but decided to save that for last and get the bigger ones up on Hubbard Hill trail first.

Pisgah Trail Maintenance - Saturday, April 10, 2010

Lunch Break from top of Vista

Nine Friends of Pisgah and one dog showed up at the Kilburn Trailhead - Iva Wood, Doug Gaudet, Laura Susmann, Beth Phippard, Wendy Jacobs and Tucker, Gary Montgomery, Matt Edson, John Hudachek and John Herrick.  We got the Ok to work on the Hubbard Hill Vista so we drove down to the Dort property and parked at our view side. We took a shortcut trail up to Hubbard Hill and worked there until lunch time cutting a few trees that were blocking the view of the Green Mountains only cutting what we had to by using spotters at the top.