Past Events

Past Events are listed below.

Pisgah Trail Maintenance - 2/22/2020

An all volunteer FOP crew tossed away forest debris, lopped branches, dropped leaners, sawed through blowdowns, rolled logs, and had a good ole time of it doing so on Saturday. The eleven men and women who came out for the day cleared several miles of the western leg of the Kilburn Loop, the John Summers Trail, and the Town Forest Trail. Even the western leg of the Pisgah Ridge Trail and the Pisgah Ridge Connector received a good looking over. While we were working, numerous hikers, snowshoers and xc skiers made an appearance in the park. Great sunny day for all to be out there.

November 2019 Trail Maintenance

On Saturday, November 9th prior to the Moonlight Hike, five members of the Friends of Pisgah met at the Horseshoe trailhead at 9:00 to clear trees and debris off trails after the recent high winds. We split into two groups each with a chainsaw and SUV. John Herrick, Gerry Croteau and John Hudachek cleared the north part of South Woods, then the Secret trail, Old Chesterfield to North Ponds, Lily, North Ponds, Baker and Reservoir from North Ponds to Old Chesterfield. Matt Edson and David Weisel cleared the Horseshoe Loop, Hubbard and Davis Hill trails plus the trails down to the FOP shelter. We all met at Baker Pond for lunch.

Huge trees were down, fortunately the biggest group just missed the Reservoir Trail.

October 5th FOP Pisgah Reservoir Kayak and Canoe Outing

The Friends of Pisgah hosted its third annual canoe and kayak outing on beautiful Pisgah Reservoir last Saturday October 5th.  It was a glorious, full sun fall day to enjoy paddling on the Reservoir. FOP volunteers transported 44 people and their kayaks or canoes up the steep road to the Reservoir.  Check out pictures posted on our Facebook page

Friends of Pisgah August 17, 2019 Bridge Building

The Friends of Pisgah volunteers met at the Upper Reservoir Road Trailhead off Route 119 in Winchester at 9:00am Saturday, August 17th. FOP President Matt Edson, Abe and Sam Howe, Gerry Croteau, John Hudachek, David Weisel and Pisgah State Park Manager Whip Newell transported all the bridge materials and tools to the bridge site and rebuild the second bridge from the south end of Pisgah Reservoir trail. By early September the goal is to also rebuild the third bridge.

Fifth Annual Friends of Pisgah Half Marathon/5K/10K Trail Race Results

Click Race Results to check out the finishes of all 93 runners.

Pictures will follow.

FOP Trail Maintenance 10/20/2018

Jim and Jon on Kilburn Loop Trail

Four members of the Friends of Pisgah, John Herrick, Jon Knickerbocker, Jim Schofield and John Hudachek, met at the Kilburn Trailhead at 10:00am on Saturday, October 20th, 2018.  We drained some water off the west side of the Kilburn Loop trail and removed fallen trees and branches from the John Summer trail and Kilburn Road.  A really pleasant day to be hiking around Kilburn Pond.

Spring Clean Up in Pisgah State Park

Sixteen volunteers came out for the Friends of Pisgah work day on Saturday, April 21, 2018 to sweep the many miles of trails that are part of the 10k and 5k Run in the Park races that are scheduled for May 26th. The folks assembled in crews and spent a long six hours clearing forest debris, cutting away blowdowns, opening drainage ditches and culverts to improve water flow off the trails, and generally sprucing things up. So the going is fine in much of the northern segment of Pisgah Park.

Two days later, a big log was jimmied out of the Kilburn Road, the newly refurbished Town Forest Trail was cleared of debris, and the old Davis Hill Trail got a manicure, too.

Volunteers make it happen in Pisgah!

K. r. Nilsen

Wantastiquet to Madame Sherri's Hike


The first of nine (9) hikes in 2018 to introduce the public to the 50 mile Wantastiquet to Monadnock Trail was held on a beautiful April 21 Saturday morning.  Over 30 hikers trekked up the west side of Mt. Wantastiquet, across Mine Mountain, lunched at Indian Pond and descended to the Madame Sherri parking lot.  There they were transported back to their vehicles at the Wantastiquet trailhead via van provided by the Chesterfield Conservation Commission.

Jim Block posted some photos of the hike at:

Jim also is working on documenting as many hikes as possible in NH, VT and the world.  This work is linked to:

The Wantastiquet to Monadnock Hike Schedule and a picture by Alicia LaCrosse of the Wantastiquet to Madame Sherri's Hikers are attached.

1/20/2018 Pisgah Workday

WE ICED IT. Today, Saturday the 20th, nine Friends of Pisgah souls moved enough materials over the Kilburn Loop Trail and Kilburn Pond to build two foot bridges, one that will be 22-feet in length and the other 24-feet long. The materials are to be assembled into spans in the spring on the soon to the formally brushed out John Summers Trail on the eastern side of Kilburn Pond. On our Facebook page we see folks moving on ATV machines with hauling sleds attached and volunteers pulling lumber from the sleds and piling the material where it will be readily accessible in two different locations. Despite some logistical difficulties while moving half a ton of material up icy hills, the work was completed in six hours. Not a bad day's work.

K.r. Nilsen

First Day Hike in Pisgah State Park

The Friends of Pisgah and the NH Department of Parks and Recreation hosted the first ever First Day Hike held at Pisgah State Park on Monday, January 1, one of the coldest days in the last decade. That did not stop folks from attending. Fully 71 brave souls registered for the event and came out to hike the Doolittle Trail, roast marshmallows and S'mores over a bonfire, and even get a chance to watch several teams of sled dogs chomp at the bit to get running.

Our Facebook page contains a sample batch of photos that are the first of several we will post over the next few days. If you have a photo or two you would like to share, by all means post to this Friends of Pisgah page. Next year, it will be your turn to come out, unless the ice cap glaciers advance and cover New England once again.

K.r. Nilsen