A crew of four completed a new viewing platform at the heron marsh just off the South Woods Trail (below where the new trail bypass cuts southeast towards the new bridge) on Sunday, August 15, 2016. The photo was taken into the sun with Matt Edson's (center) cellphone by Art Sussman. John Hudachek (right) and Kim Nilsen (left) stand with Matt. The color is quite a bit off because of the glare, but the nature of the design of the new platform should be evident.

Here's an image of the entire new viewing platform at the heron marsh just off the South Woods Trail. Photo by Matt Edson.

To reach the new platform, park at the Horseshoe parking lot. Descend the hill on the wide trail, stay left at the first intersection and left again at the first trail on the left (South Woods Trail). Walk two-fifths of a mile or down to yet another intersection. Pass it (stay straight) and pass the new South Woods bypass path (on right) to the new bridge. Instead of the right turn, stay straight for several football field lengths. You will come to the viewing platform in the same vicinity as the location of the old bridges (since removed) that use to be a part of the South Woods Trail. Take a pair of binoculars with you and stay quiet for ten minutes, and the wild world will begin to show itself across the marsh.

Kim Nilsen