10 volunteers, Kim Nilson, Jon Knickerbocker, David Weisel, Matt Edson and his ATV, John Herrick and his tractor, Abe and Gabe Howe, Krister Raasoch and dogs Art and Harry, Doug Favreau and dog Hermes and John Hudachek and Pisgah State Park Manager Whip Newell met on a warm Saturday, December 12th at 10 am at the Kilburn trailhead in Hinsdale. The goal of the day was to clear as many culverts and trails as possible.

We split into four groups.

David, John Hudachek, Doug and Hermes hiked the Kilburn loop opening all culverts. We also removed all branches and trees from the trail including three 8"-12" diameter trees that we cut with handsaws. Lunch break was taken on a sunny rock overlooking a pond on the southeast side of the loop. We returned to the parking lot at 2:20 pm.

John Herrick, his tractor and Whip drove down to the Kilburn loop where they were last seem ditching a pond in the trail.

Matt, Abe and Gabe drove the ATV up the Davis Hill and Hubbard Hill trails returning via Reservoir Trail and Baker Pond trails.

Kim, Jon Knickerbocker, Krister, Art and Harry drove up to the Horseshoe trailhead where they cleaned culverts and trails.

Thanks to all for a very productive work day!

John Hudachek

Click here to view photos by John Herrick