Mount Monadnock from Pisgah Ridge Vista - Small.JPG

David Weisel, Krister Raasoch with his dogs Art and Harry, Matt Edson, John Hudachek and FOP trail chief John Herrick met Pisgah Park Manager Whip Newell at 10 am on a warm, windy, mostly sunny Saturday at the Kilburn Trailhead in Hinsdale.  The business of the day was to spread out over the southern end of the park to look for hemlock trees infested with hemlock woolly adelgid (HWA).

We broke into three groups of two.  Whip and David drove down to the Route 119 entrance and hiked up to the Reservoir.  Matt and John Herrick drove to the south entrance to the Kilburn loop on Route 63 and hiked back the west side of the Kilburn Loop to Kilburn trailhead.  Krister and John Hudachek hiked the Davis Hill, Baker Pond, Pisgah Ridge and Kilburn Road trails.   We were all back to our vehicles by 2:15 pm.

Krister, John Hudachek, Matt Edson and John Herrick found no signs of the woolly adelgid.  David and Whip found many trees invested with HWA on the road up to and around the reservoir.

John Hudachek

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