Jim Schofield, Abe and Gabe Howe, Jon Knickerbocker and John Hudachek met Friends of Pisgah Trail Chief John Herrick at 10 am on a mostly sunny Saturday, 12/13/14, at the Kilburn Trailhead in Hinsdale.  The first order of business was using hand saws to remove the tree top that had fallen on the top of the kiosk.  All lumber supporting the roof is broken, but the roof itself appears to be intact.

All limbs fallen across the trail from the trailhead down the west side of the Kilburn loop to past the dam were cut using handsaws and removed.  On the way down the trail to the south end of the loop we caught up with Gary Montgomery with his chain saw, Matt Edson and Kim Nilsen.  Gary, Matt and Kim had met and started earlier in the morning.  We met no other hikers the entire work session.

After lunch on the bridge on the south end of the loop Jon and Matt headed south on the trail toward Hinsdale while the rest of the crew headed up the east side of the loop.   We were back to our vehicles just before 2:00 pm.

John Hudachek

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