Volunteers met Pisgah State Park Manager Whip Newell at 10 am on a cloudy Saturday, October 11th, at the Kilburn Trailhead in Hinsdale.  The rain had stopped by that time.

Using Matt's ATV Gary Montgomery and Matt Edson cleared the east side of the Kilburn Loop.  John Herrick, David Weisel and John Hudachek (plus Whip for 1.5 hours) cleared culverts, water bars and ditches and removed any branches across the trail from Kilburn trailhead down the west side of the loop. It was actually very peaceful and quiet in the park.  Kilburn Pond was still as glass and beautiful.  We met no other hikers the entire work session.

As the sun appeared at the south end of the Kilburn Loop we met Gary and Matt Edson for lunch.  After lunch we cleared the trail from the bottom of the loop that heads down to Hinsdale (the trail ends on private property so we had gotten permission).  We were back to our vehicles just before 2:00 pm.

One stone culvert on the Kilburn Road to the
pond is falling in and needs a real culvert soon.  One of the bridges at
the south side of the loop needs several new deck boards now and new
stringers within a couple of years.

John Hudachek

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