Krister Raasoch, David Weisel, John Hudachek, Chesterfield good Samaritan Jim Larkin and FOP trails chief John Herrick met at the FOP Dort property on Route 63 in Chesterfield at 10:00. Jim Larkin was there to deliver the dry concrete to be used to fill the sona tubes.

John Hudachek was on his way home from Keene the day before with 25 bags of concrete weighing 80 pounds each (2000 pounds total) when a tire on his trailer deflated descending Keene Hill on Route 9.  So after determining that he had neither the correct lug nut wrench nor a jack hefty enough to lift the loaded trailer and wishing he hadn't left his cell phone on his kitchen counter, he observes Jim Larkin and son Jared pull in behind the trailer.  John, Jim and Jared then unloaded all of the cement bags from the trailer into the truck.  With his cell phone Jim found that Tire Warehouse in West Chesterfield was still open and had the correct replacement tire in stock.  Using a board as a lever we lifted the trailer and removed the rim.  Jim drove us down to Tire Warehouse where they installed a new tire, then drove us back across town to the trailer on Keene Hill.  We again lifted the trailer with a board and installed the new tire and rim. Jim meet us the next morning at the Dort property where we unloaded the concrete into John Herrick's front end loader.  The Friends of Pisgah, especially John Hudachek, thank Jim and Jared for saving the day and enabling us to place and fill the lean-to tubes as scheduled! 

While John Herrick drove the concrete up the hill David drove down to Kilburn parking lot to pick up any additional workers.  Finding none he returned and helped Krister and John Hudachek transport the sona tubes, cement mixer and all the tools up the hill.

After measuring the distances between the stakes that Kim Nilsen had placed last month John Herrick used his back hoe to dig two ditches into which we placed the six (6) sona tubes.  We measured and leveled and dug and filled using shovels to ensure proper placement.  Using water that David and Krister carried up from the nearby water hole and a cement mixer powered by John Herrick's generator we then made and filled the sona tubes with concrete.

The filling of the tubes with 22 bags of concrete was completed before 2:00 and the holes were back filled and raked smooth before 3:00.

John Hudachek