David Weisel, John Bernstein, John Hudachek and Friends of Pisgah (FOP) trails chief John Herrick met at the Kilburn Trailhead at 10:00.  While discussing the activities for the day we noticed a group of 3 dead birch trees leaning over the parking lot.  So our first job was to cut and remove the dead birch trees.

We then proceeded down the Kilburn Trail.  After tropical storm Andrea dumped alot of rain this morning, water was running down and across large sections of the trail.  We determined this was an opportunity to drain water from the low spots and divert water flowing down the trail.  Much work was done with potato hooks and a mattock.

On the trail the mosquitoes were very annoying. Sitting on the walkway above the Kilburn dam for lunch we enjoyed a strong breeze from the north that freed us from the mosquitoes.  We observed two loon diving for their lunch.  Back on the trail after lunch I saw my first deer fly of the season sucking her last lunch from my wrist.

We were back at the parking just before 2:00 concluding a very productive day.

John Hudachek