Krister Raasoch, David Weisel, Wendy Jacobs, Val and Jon Starbuck, John Hudachek and Friends of Pisgah (FOP) trails chief John Herrick met at the FOP Dort property at 10:00. The Dort property is a piece of land located in Chesterfield between Route 63 and Pisgah State Park.  The Dort Trail starts on Route 63 about 1.5 north of the Kilburn Trailhead and leads up to our proposed overnight shelter. 

With Krister and John Herrick cutting branches and trees and the rest of the crew moving the cut wood off the trail the majority of the trail is cleared.  John Herrick intends to continue leveling and moving stumps so that the shelter building materials can be transported up the trail to the shelter location beneath Hubbard Hill.

Lunch was enjoyed at our vehicles parked at the site vista.  After completing the tree cutting around 2:00 the group checked out the proposed shelter location and then hiked to the Hubbard Hill vista. The crew returned to their parked vehicles just after 3:00.

John Hudachek