Krister Raasoch, David Weisel, Tom Duston, John Hudachek and Friends of Pisgah (FOP) trails chief John Herrick explored the FOP land referred to as the "Dort property" between Pisgah Park and Route 63 in Chesterfield. The FOP Council recently voted to fund the construction of a lean-to shelter on this land to be used by Pisgah Park and Wantastiquet-Monadnock Trail hikers. See our Facebook picture for a similar shelter.  Several excellent spots were found that we felt suitable.

The next day, Sunday, December 9, John Herrick and John Hudachek met Kim Nilsen at the Dort property to review our findings from the previous day.  The three of us decided the best spot to build the shelter would be on FOP property below the Hubbard Hill vista on a level site with water close by.  We also envision locating a composting latrine nearby.  Access from the Park would be from the corner of the Davis Hill trail that runs through the FOP Dort property.  A mini shelter was also discussed to be placed on FOP land at the Davis Hill trail west vista.

John Hudachek