Friends of Pisgah trails chief John Herrick, Krister Raasoch, David Weisel and John Hudachek met at the Kilburn trail head at 10:00.  Kathy and Jon Thatcher and Gizmo arrived fashionably late.  It was decided to clear large trees that had fallen on North Ponds Trail.  So we all drove up to Horseshoe Trailhead.

We split into two groups.  Krister with his chain saw, Jon and John Hudachek proceeded up Lily Pond Trail and then bushwacked from the south end of Lily Pond up to North Round Pond.  We then hiked up North Round Pond Trail to North Ponds Trail. Meanwhile John Herrick and chain saw, Kathy and David hiked down Chesterfield Road and then continued up North Ponds Trail.  Both parties removed trees and branches that had fallen or blown across the trail.  We met toward the western end of North Ponds Trail.  Kathy and Jon took off north on Reservoir Trail and the rest of us cleared trees and branches down the North Round Ponds Trail.  We rested for lunch on falled logs close to North Round Pond.  After lunch we bushwacked back to Lily Pond and cleared Lily Pond Trail south to North Ponds Trail.

We arrived back at the Kilburn parking area around 3:00.  It was a beautiful, sunny November day in Pisgah State Park.

John Hudachek