Gary Montgomery, Kathy Thatcher, Friends of Pisgah trails chief John Herrick, Jon Thatcher, Krister Raasoch, Peggy Kipp and John Hudachek met at the Kilburn trail head at 10:00.  We hiked the road to Kilburn Pond where we split into two groups.

Krister with his chain saw, Kathy and John Hudachek proceeded down the west side of Kilburn pond while John Herrick and chain saw, Peggy Kipp, Jon and Gary went down the east side of Kilburn trail.  Both parties removed trees and branches that had fallen (some the work of active beavers) or blown across the trail since the Pisgah Marathan less than a month ago.  We met at the southern end of Kilburn Trail and had lunch together next to a pond.  We hiked together back to the Kilburn parking area.

John Hudachek

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