After meeting at our normal meeting spot, the Kilburn parking lot, on a cool, partly sunny morning Kathy and Jon Thatcher, Gizmo, John Hudachek and John Herrick hiked the snow covered trail toward Kilburn Pond to remove large dead branches that had been reported to have fallen on the trail.  However, when we arrived at that spot the trail had already been cleared.  But being there with a chain saw, we cut down both a tree bent in a halfmoon shape over the trail and a large dead birch with high large branches that could potentially fall on hikers.

We then drove to the Horseshoe trailhead. We hiked the Wildlife Trail down to the large beaver pond and continued down the ski trail to its return with Old Chesterfield Road.  We cleared numerous downed trees obstructing the trail and lopped many hemlocks bent into the trail.  We continued to the South Woods Trail on the other side of the beaver pond and back to our parked vehicles clearing the trail as we hiked.

John Hudachek