After meeting at our normal meeting spot the Kilburn parking
lot we drove to the Horseshoe trailhead. Barri, David, Tom Duston, Kathy & Jon Thatcher & Gizmo, Patti & John Hudachek, Matt Edson and John Herrick proceeded to the Lily Pond Trail to clear numerous known downed trees obstructing the trail. 

We arrived at Lily Pond by lunch time and John Herrick cut up a dead oak tree for a bench overlooking the water.  After enjoying our lunch we headed south clearing trees to the North Ponds Trail where we observed the bridge in need of repair (see photo gallery).  We returned to Horseshoe Trailhead continuing to cut trees and picking up brances arriving at our vehicles around 3:30.

John Hudachek

Click here to view photo gallery by John Herrick and Barri