September 10, 2020

The commercial salvage operation to reopen Old Chesterfield Road, Snow Brook Trail is wrapping up. All that remains is to seed the log landing just inside the gate at the Snow Brook Trailhead.

Old Chesterfield Road and Snow Brook Trail are fully open.

The storm certainly changed things, but the resulting patches of even-aged forest will provide important young forest wildlife habitat. In the short term, these areas will be foraging locations for bats and the fledglings of insectivore songbirds nesting in the surrounding woods. “Soft mast” species like blackberries will spring up and be food for everything from birds to bear. As trees regenerate, they will provide quality browse for deer and moose and dense “escape cover” and breeding habitat for many birds and small mammals. Stumps and down woody material provide habitat for species from small mammals to bobcats. Large snags and trees retained in the salvage will provide den locations for many species and hunting perches for raptors.

For more information on this this project and timber harvesting in State Parks and State Forests, contact Project Forester, Inge Seaboyer at 603-464-3453 or Regional Forester, Scott Rolfe at 603-227-8741.