On Saturday, November 9th prior to the Moonlight Hike, five members of the Friends of Pisgah met at the Horseshoe trailhead at 9:00 to clear trees and debris off trails after the recent high winds. We split into two groups each with a chainsaw and SUV. John Herrick, Gerry Croteau and John Hudachek cleared the north part of South Woods, then the Secret trail, Old Chesterfield to North Ponds, Lily, North Ponds, Baker and Reservoir from North Ponds to Old Chesterfield. Matt Edson and David Weisel cleared the Horseshoe Loop, Hubbard and Davis Hill trails plus the trails down to the FOP shelter. We all met at Baker Pond for lunch.

Huge trees were down, fortunately the biggest group just missed the Reservoir Trail.