On Saturday, November 14th at 10:00 am the Friends of Pisgah met to install a 20 foot 18" diameter culvert near the lean-to they constructed two years ago on the Friends of Pisgah Dort property in Chesterfield.
John Herrick used his tractor to lower the culvert into the ditch he had dug the previous week. Iva Wood, Art Susmann, Kim Nilson, Jon Knickerbocker, David Weisel and John Hudachek moved stones around the ends of the culvert to hold it place while John covered the culvert. We envision this will dry the wet area on the trail to the lean-to that was always soggy to walk through.
After the culvert was installed we hiked to a new vista John has opened that looks north toward Chesterfield Village. After a lunch behind some rocks to escape the wind we clear a trail from this vista to the trail connecting the lean-to to the Davis Hill trail.
John Hudachek
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