The Monadnock Happy Trails Association (MHTA) work day was a big success!   Sharon and Phil Thomsen plus Laura and Art Susmann worked with Park Manager Whip Newell and cleared the Snow Brook trail from Old Spofford Rd to Old Chesterfield Rd.  The weather was cool but got warmer as the day progressed.  We worked 9 am - 2 pm.  Bugs weren't too bad in the beginning but became annoying when the temp increased.  Spray was a necessity!  Several culverts do need to be replaced; Whip added them to his list.  We expected more damage after such a nasty winter but were pleasantly surprised that there were no huge trees down. The Trail is ready for use and MHTA is looking forward to June 6 National Trails Day ride!

Phil Thomsen and Art Susmann using the pole saw:Sharon Thomsen clearing the edge of the trail:

Article and pictures by Laura Susmann