Heavy construction equipment is operating in and near the Kilburn
parking lot, the Kilburn Road into the park and on the west side of
Kilburn Pond. Please do not park in the lot. Please park out by the road and use extreme caution when entering the park along the Kilburn Road.

The Kilburn Loop Trail is CLOSED from the junction at Mile .7 to the area of the Kilburn Pond dam. Work on building up the access road and the Kilburn Loop Trail on the west side of the pond will be going on for two weeks.

When the machinery leaves and the construction job is complete, the road will be improved, the rough stone covered, the treadway smoothed and raked, and the Friends of Pisgah will do some handwork along the road as the month progresses and likely in the spring, as well..

The Friends of Pisgah will be also doing some handwork on the trail itself after equipment is moved out.

In the meantime, during construction, conditions will be less than
adequate for hikers. Once the trail refurbishing is complete and the
handwork is done, the trail should be vastly drier in the future. Water will be either diverted through culverts or low spots that flood constantly now will be built up to the point that the surface will no longer be wet under most conditions.

As with any construction project, it will take some time for the environment to heal. We will assist in the healing process and will ask others to help volunteer in that process, as well.. But a few years from now, the Kilburn Loop Trail by the lake should be a gem that can much better sustain the now heavy traffic that the trail receives in late spring, summer and fall.

Again, the Kilburn Loop Trail along the west side of the pond is CLOSED. For your own safety, please use other trails in the area. The all newly restored Town Forest Trail is close by. Give that trail a look-see while in the area. It is a fine example of the things that the all-volunteer Friends of Pisgah have been working hard to do for many a year now.

K. r. Nilsen