The new John Summers Trail is essentially complete. A few more blazes need to be put in place, but the few that are missing have red flagging up in their stead right now, so anyone can follow the entire trail with ease along its entire 1.1-mile course. The new pathway begins and ends at the Kilburn Loop Trail. The northern entrance is just 200 feet or less uphill from the bridge over Baker Brook. The southern entrance is the spur path to the Kilburn Pond dam.

Both the northern and southern entrance show temporary orange plastic rectangular signs with the hand-written trail name on each. Since there is no other trail junction within the John Summers Trail, the blazing is strictly for that path. Follow the blazing and you'll be all set..

There are some bypasses off the old herd path to avoid wet areas and to avoid critical habitat for wildlife. Please follow the blazes.

The John Summers Trail is one of the finer level-terrain pathways in all of New Hampshire, complete with two new long bridges, jaunts along large glacial erratic boulders, and fine views over water.

Please stay on the trail to prevent erosion and degradation of the environment on the east side of Kilburn Pond.