FOP Council Attending: Kathy Thatcher, Gary Montgomery, Bob Smith, John Hudachek, John Herrick, John Summers, Matt Edson, Norma Reppucci, Laurel Powell, James Nikiforakis, Kim Nilsen

: There were 32 members of the FOP, including Council members, present.

The 2012 Annual FOP meeting at the Hinsdale Millstream Community Center was called to order at 7:05 by President Kathy Thatcher.  Members of the FOP were welcomed and the Council members were introduced by Kathy. Norma Reppucci, former Park Manager for Pisgah was introduced. Three State Legislature representatives from local towns were introduced: Bill Butynski-Hiunsdale, Paul Burch-Walpole and L. Weber-Westmoreland.
Kathy reported on the status of the lawsuit against the National park Service to uphold the provisions of the LWCF mandate on keeping Pisgah Park as a State Park and transfer of the Park to a State Reservation. Links to the challenge can be found on the FOP website. Kathy is comfortable with the challenge but unsure about the outcome. Now 65% of the Park is subject to timber harvesting. The NPS has responded that they will get back after researching the documents.
The FOP doesn’t know the status of the Visitor Center and the barn. The State won’t respond.

Committee reports were heard next:
Secretary-Bob Smith   Minutes of the October 9, 2012 meeting were approved.

Vice President: Gary Montgomery  Gary has been trying to contact Bill Gegas without success. Smoky Smith helped and found out Bill will not return calls due to the lawsuit. The next timber harvest will be a dry harvest which means during the summer.

Newsletter : Matt Donachie absent

Planning and Strategy: John Summers   P&S on hold because there is no status on the buildings. FOP will try to retain use of the Park buildings.

Building and Maintenance: Jim Nikifrakis Checked getting oil for the VC furnace, the tank is now ½ full. Irving Oil has the contract but Jim does not know status of the contract for delivering oil. We should maintain the buildings as long as we have access.

Trails: John Herrick Second Saturday workdays are continuing, and then they usually go on a hike. They recently had an all day hike from the Park to Keene, over a 9 mile hike.

Election of council officers and members was held. John Summers, nomination chair, presented the nominations for Officers:
    President       Kathy Thatcher
    Vice President  Gary Montgomery
    Treasurer  John Hudachek
    Secretary  Rob Parisi
. Nomination for council members were:
    Laurel Powell  3 year term to 2015
    John Summers  3 year term to 2015
    Matt Edson  3 year term to 2015
    Jim Knickerbocker 1 year term to 2013
There were no nominations from the floor and the nominees were elected

Membership/Website: John Hudachek   no report

The FOGGERS, Friends of the Gorge discussed their work at Chesterfield Gorge.

History/Education: Laurel Powell Laurel has done research and made presentations on the Dickinson Mill in Pisgah. She spoke about two recently deceased members who contributed greatly to the Park, Bill Mitchell and Dan Carr. She also thanked Norma for her 24 years of service to Pisgah State Park.

The speaker for the meeting was council member Kim Nilsen. Kim showed tools that should be taken while hiking including the Fiskar crosscut saw and brush cutter. He spoke about rethinking Pisgah and that we will either have to use it or loose it. Kim had photos of what other public areas have done to make their areas more attractive to visitors and these things should be considered for Pisgah, including primitive camping.

President: Kathy Thatcher Kathy presented gifts to Robert Smith, outgoing Secretary for his service to the Council and to Norma Reppucci for her service to Pisgah State Park.
Kathy stated that the FOP will not be plowing out the VC this winter and suggested that local snowmobile club be contacted to plow so snowmobiles will have access to the Park this winter.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:55 PM. The next Council meeting will be held on December 11, 2012 at the Visitor Center.

        Respectfully Submitted;

        Robert I. Smith, Secretary

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