The Friends of Pisgah annual meeting was held at the Chesterfield Town Hall. The meeting began at 7:00 pm with FOP President Matt Edson welcoming the attendees who numbered about 40. Refreshments were available to all. Matt turned the meeting over to Kim Nilsen, VP and |Chairman of Nominations. The officers were introduced by Kim and the slate of officers was presented (see below). All four individuals were being nominated for re-election to their current positions. All officers were re-elected.

Kim then introduced the names of members who were to be elected for 3 year terms expiring on a staggered basis. All those nominated were elected.
Matt then summarized 2017 activities. The FOP had a fine year starting with the receipt of “The Spirit of New Hampshire Awards” after the 2016 Annual Meeting (see Jan 2017 Update). We continued to work with the State, particularly with Patrick Hummel and Park Ranger Whip Newell. Another successful “Race in the Park” was held and canoeing was reintroduced as an activity in October on the Reservoir.

After the elections and summary of the year’s activities, we had a 15minute break with a very wide variety of baked goods and other goodies available. Coffee, cider and other drinks were consumed

When the intermission concluded, Matt introduced our speaker Steve Roberge. Steve works for the University of New Hampshire Cooperative Extension as the Cheshire County Extension Forester and NH’s statewide Maple Specialist. He has a B.S. in Forest Science from the University of New Hampshire and a M S in Forest Science from Yale University. He used digital images to initiate the attendees to the variety of duties of an Extension Forester. The presentation was very interesting and resulted in many questions and comments from listeners.

Matthew Donachie