Wednesday – Pisgah Park Manager Whip Newell and John Herrick rode around the park looking for trees down.  Starting at Horseshoe trailhead they went up Hubbard Hill and Davis Hill trails.  After finding trees down near Kilburn trailhead they returned to Baker Pond Trail.  Heading back Reservoir trail to Horseshoe they found before they got to the view three attached oak trees uprooted across the trail.

Friday – Whip and John met at the Visitor Center and returned to the three oaks across the Reservoir Trail.  They cut some other dead trees so they would not fall on them while taking out the oaks. They very carefully cut the oaks one at a time into small pieces so they could remove them from the trail.  The stumps returned to where they started very close to the nearby bridge.  Also found and removed several other nearby dead trees.

Saturday – On a cold, but sunny morning Whip and John Herrick were joined by Matt Edson, Jim Schofield and John Hudachek at the Horseshoe trailhead.  John Herrick and Jim drove down to Kilburn to get the double hemlock across the trail.  Whip, Matt and John Hudachek went down the South Woods Trail encountering a huge hemlock down across the trail before the new north bridge.  After removing the hemlock and two dangerous leaners Jim and John joined them for lunch.  After lunch Whip, John Herrick and Jim went up North Ponds trail and found a beech tree with 5 branches, 5 inches each, across the trail.  Then just past that a huge hemlock that landed in the trail the long way so it had to be cut up in short pieces to be rolled off the trail. When they got to the Lily Pond junction it was time to return to Horseshoe.  Matt and John Hudachek cleared the south end of the South Woods trail removing numerous trail blockages.  They returned to Horseshoe trailhead by 3:00pm via Fullam Pond and Nash trails and Old Chesterfield Road.

Monday – John Herrick, Doug Favreau and John Hudachek met at Horseshoe trailhead and walked and cleaned the Secret and Ski trails of fallen debris.

John Herrick and John Hudachek