The FOP met at the Community House in Hinsdale on Nov 10 for its Annual Meeting. About 2-dozen members and guests attended. President Matt Edson called the meeting to order at 7:03 pm. Matt gave about a 10-minute summary of the activities of the FOP, particularly in trail work, this year.

Council Members In Attendance:
Matt Edson
Jon Knickerbocker
Jim Schofield
Kim Nilsen
John Herrick
Matt Donachie
Beth Phippard
John Hudachek
Abrahm Howe
Laura Susmann

Matt Edson announced that John Summers had indicated that he was retiring from the council, and would not be seeking another term. Matt recommended that we make him an Honorary, non-voting member of the council. Matt recommended, and the group agreed, to thank John for his many long years of service to the council and the Friends of Pisgah. He has been a fabulous asset to the group, and his extensive service has been greatly beneficial to keeping Pisgah State Park the great place that it is.

Matt then called on Kim Nilsen, Chair of the Nominating Committee, to present the names of nominees suggested to serve as FOP officers and At-large positions. All nominees had agreed to serve if elected. The current officers were re-nominated and two nominees were presented for At-large members of the Council. The committee recommended the following slate of officers to be elected for one year terms: Matt Edson at President, Kim Nilsen for Vice President, Jim Schofield for Secretary, and John Hudachek for Treasurer. Following this, Kim opened up the possibility of taking additional nominations from the floor, but no other nominations made. A motion was then made and passed to close the nomination process. The following members and officers were approved:
President Matt Edson (Hinsdale)
Vice President Kim Nilsen (Spofford)
Treasurer John Hudachek (Chesterfield)
Secretary James Schofield (Keene)

Council Members:

To serve a Three Year Term, expiring in November 2018:

Laura Susmann (Dublin)
Beth Phippard (West Swanzey)
Jack Kondos (Spofford)

Laura Kolodziej (Keene), To serve a Two Year Term, expiring in November 2017

The Business Meeting was adjourned and Kim Nilsen introduced our speaker Marshall Patmos of Westmoreland. Marshall was well known to Kim from his service in the North Country for some years and to Whip Newell whose involvement with Marshall was during Marshall’s service to the state in Cheshire County for many years.

Marshall was a very entertaining speaker and had the audience laughing frequently. He is a retired UNH Extension forester, a job he held for 38 years. He was the Coos County Forester in Lancaster for 10 years, and then was Cheshire County Forester for the remainder of his career. Marshall and his wife have been at their tree farm, Farmstead Acres, for over 25 years and have been selling Christmas trees for over 23 years.

As an Extension Forester, Marshall’s job was helping people with the woodland. He’d examine property and make recommendations for how to best manage the property, whether it was Christmas trees or woodland. Marshall worked with Christmas trees, maple producers, and a wide array of things and with other agencies too.

Marshall had many anecdotes of his service as a regional state forester. He told us of the time he was shot by a dog!! Hilarious as he was not fatally wounded but it gave us an idea of the rigors of forester jobs. No slides were used and Marshall did a stand¬up performance, which had many laughing and provoked many questions. The talk lasted about 45 minutes and the attendees stayed around for as much as another hour with questions for Marshall.

Following Marshall’s talk, Matt Edson thanked everyone for coming, and closed the meeting.

James Schofield

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