The ERT layed out the parking area with the usual yellow tape and directed participants as well as volunteers where to park. A variety of bagels and Gatorade was available for all before the Race. Canopies protected the tables but really were never needed for rain protection. It was cloudy with some very light misty rain at times but the race started on time at 10:00 a.m. at the junction of Horseshoe Road and the parking lot at the Horseshoe Road Trailhead in Chesterfield. Participants rushed across the Parking Lot and down into the Park through the gate at Horseshoe.

About 15 minutes later, John Hudachek and Gary headed through the gate and down the hill to the Finish Line in a truck with the gear needed for clocking and observing the finish of the Race. A couple of chairs for observers and a cork board on which to post the names and times of finishers were barely in place before the first of the participants arrived. Gary was just carrying the last case of water bottles for participants to the Finish Line when the first finisher arrived. Suzanne Hoy who was not able to run this race was at the Finish Line with her daughter, Ella. Mom handled the time sheets, while Gary took name/number tear-tags from the bibs of finishers. Ella handed bottles of water to each finisher. The help of these folks was greatly appreciated.

The course was set up so that, despite a downhill run to begin, participants did not need to run up the steep hill but only up a gradual slope to the Finish Line. The youngest runner was Maggie Shepherd, 6 years old. This was her 8th race! At the Parking Lot, prizes were distributed to contestants; food was available with: more water, Gatorade, power drinks, bagels, pizza, cookies, brownies, apples and slices of orange ready for the Race participants. As the last contestant cleared the Finish Line, Gary and John gathered up the chairs, etc. and headed back to the Parking Lot, arriving just about noon. By 12:30 all contestants had left the premises and the volunteers had packed away most of the equipment and remaining food.

Race Winners

5K Men: Guy Pronesti 21:45; Al Bielunis 22:30; Chris Ballou 26:46
5K Women Laura Freyberger 26:36; Angella Joslyn 28:15; Leah Belanger 28:39
10K Men: Greg Hammett 40:31; Chris Hayhurst 42:04; Benny Hoy 50:06
10K Women: Holly Macy 51:51; Rachel Klaski 52:11; Courtney Marchetti 57:13

FOP is greatly indebted to all the volunteers and supporters who provided financial aid and food for the Race.  Organizer and event manager Gary Montgomery said that the enthusiasm of the participants was very rewarding.

Matt Donachie

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Official Race Results:

5kRaceResults.pdf5k Race Results229.42 KB
10kRaceResults.pdf10k Race Results247.44 KB